Ghanaian multiple highlife award winner’s looks alike, Anokye Supremo is soliciting for an amount of GHC 10,000 to enable him to undergo an eye surgery after developing a tumour.

According to Anokye, his left eye is completely blind now and can barely see with his right eye.

In an Interview with Sister Sandy on Adom TV, the musician revealed that, after several medical examinations, there was no definite report explaining what was really wrong with him.

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“Most doctors’ reports declared me medically fit so I cannot really understand what is wrong with me”

He also stated that, he can’t attribute it as a punishment or a curse because he has not wronged anyone.

The musician who was formerly known as Daddy Lumba Junior was some time ago sued by Ghanaian artist Daddy Lumba for impersonation.

He pleaded with the legend to drop all charges against him after the name change.

But now, Anokye Supremo urged the higlife legend to let bygones be bygones and help him raise funds to save his eye.

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“I am pleading with Daddy Lumba to consider my current predicament and put everything that happened behind him and come to my aid to support me. I really need his help this moment” he stated.


  1. May God heal u brother and , it shall come to pass in the name of the Almighty God, the creator of the heavens and earth and everything in between.
    Drink juiced or blended onion first thing in The mornings and last thing in the evenings everyday.

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