Veteran Ghanaian musician, Kojo Antwi has thrown his weight behind the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for banning both advertisement and Live Presenter Mention (LPM) of alcoholic beverages in the country.
The FDA had announced that it was banning both advertisement and Live Presenter Mention (LPM) of alcoholic beverages in the media before 8pm.

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The directive, the FDA said was to protect children and prevent them from being lured into alcoholism.
Speaking on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall show, Mr Music Man, as he is affectionately called, revealed that he doesn’t support celebrity endorsement of alcoholic beverages.
According to him, he believes that famous personalities present in the country serve as role models for children hence and must see themselves as such and not allow money to always lead the way.
He stressed: “If it is a soft drink I can endorse but with alcoholic beverages, I wouldn’t and that is my policy.”
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“I would not endorse alcohol. I don’t drink. I have had one of these top alcoholic drinks to endorse and I didn’t do it. I support the Food and Drugs Board on the ban on alcohol because all our festivals have become aphrodisiac shows…” he said.
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“We should market our festivals well; people travel to Brazil for carnivals. There are flamboyant dressings and all that people travel to go and see…” Kojo Antwi maintained.
Source: Ghana/ Kofi Adu