Strika, the young actor of ‘Beast of No Nation‘ fame shocked many in the country last week when he was spotted on the streets of Accra begging for alms.

The actor revealed after he was spotted that he was doing this because his management had neglected him. The claims of the young actor were later proven to be untrue as his management came out to debunk all the allegations.

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After all the brouhaha, however, a video of Strika and his co-actor in the Beast of No Nation Movie, Abraham Attah swimming in a pool has been sighted on Youtube.

In the video, Strika is seen rattling some patois saying, “BHIM BHIM BHIM… dem dun..dem dun know Abwoy”. Then Abraham Attah appeared from the back trying to hit Strika with a rubber tube in a playful manner while he dodged.

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This video looks recent and it goes to confirm that both young screen icons are in a good relationship.

Watch video of them together having fun in a pool above.