Renowned controversial dancehall artiste, Shata Wale has again lambasted the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) for failing to fulfill their promises on paying his music royalties through an account they commended him on.

GHAMRO is sole Ghanaian copyright entity licensed by law to undertake collective rights management for musical works, sound recordings and performances.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Charles Nii Armah Mensah sent a stern warning to GHAMRO that he will go “haywire” if his royalties are not paid.

The Spokesperson for GHAMRO, Prince Tsegah told Accra-based Citi FM that the musician is guaranteed of his royalties, as soon as they are able to settle issues about the mode of transfer for the royalties due him.

“Shata Wale has received royalties once from GHAMRO. As far as our records are concerned, in 2015, when he was under BullHaus Entertainment, we paid some monies to a specific mobile number, which was given to us by his management…”

“Looks like he hasn’t gotten it… And going forward in 2016, we didn’t give him royalties…but his royalties have been issued. It’s there. You know because we need a mode of transfer, which needs authority from the music group camp or the artist himself which we didn’t get. So his royalties are there” he said.

But the self-proclaimed Dancehall King through his Facebook live post disclosed he hasn’t received any funds on the mobile money account.

He added that, the financier in charge of the account claims GHAMRO hasn’t made any payment hence the need to warn them one more time since they are ‘telling him lies’.

“GHAMRO lied to me. They are doing me 419 or it’s a Six and loss. I want them to look into this matter. I want them to know so far as Ghana sees am working hard I need my royalties. This is what kills the industry. Most of the musicians are not away of the corporate rights. Songs played in the clubs, hotels, and more of the respective places…” he said.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah, his real name in life, further maintained that he doesn’t joke with business when it comes to his career as such he has reported the matter to the Legon police station to look further into the matter.

According to the ‘Champion Artist’, the respective amount with regards to the royalties he is expecting can’t be transferred through mobile money, reason he thinks GHAMRO is playing games with him.

“No one should calm me down. GHAMRO, Recheck yourself and tell me something. It’s about my career. Issues pertaining to my career I don’t joke with. Ghana is my witness. Since 2013, I realized Dancehall King and even the royalties can’t go into mobile money account; put it in my bank account…”

“The issue is at Legon police station I want us to work together. No favoritism, no partiality. Those who don’t care don’t care. It is business. If people patronize and play we need to get our money…”

“If you know you sent the money and the person is tarnishing your image… you can also stand up to that. Don’t tarnish my image and I won’t do the same…” he noted.

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