Sarkodie in Hand to Mouth
Sarkodie in 'Hand to Mouth' video

Rapper Sarkodie has had one of his old songs revisited after the release of BBC Africa Eye’s documentary ‘Sex for Grades’.

The artiste is recalled to have warned lecturers to stay away from sexually harassing or proposing to students in his song “Hand To Mouth.”

The song released in 2015, although told a story about the artiste enjoying the fruit of his labour also highlighted some worrying and negative trends which found its way into the society.

“Lecturer, ye adwuma na aban betua, w’akatua no, ennhye nkwadaa no ayaase,” he had said meaning, “Lecturer, work; the government will pay you. Your salary doesn’t reside in the groin of your students.”

The explosive ‘sex for grades’ documentary, produced by BBC Africa Eye, that seeks to uncover stories of sexual harassment in schools has sparked conversations on social media, campuses, marketplaces and homes, with some people digging into archives for related stories.