Ghanaian actress based in Kumasi Mercy Asiedu has denied using her acting role to snatch her husband from another woman.

“I joined the queue and waited patiently to get married to my husband after the exit of his ex-wife… I wasn’t the cause of their divorce, I only joined the queue, I didn’t overtake anyone,” Mercy Asiedu told Delay.
According to the Kumawood star, she was excited that after much delay, she has finally gotten married to someone she loves as she has never been married although she has two children with different men.

She said her husband divorced his then wife before she finally accepted to marry him.

Mrs. Asiedu Agyemang Badu noted that she’ll not be bothered to see another woman snatch her husband from her but said any woman who is interested in her husband should can also join the queue just as she did.

When asked if she was under pressure to get married, the 46 year old actress, said, “I see marriage as a beautiful thing but I wasn’t lucky since the men who came into my life never stayed for long.”

The mother of two narrated how she met her husband in 2008 after her first movie ‘Asoreba’ shot her to fame.

Mercy Asiedu added that for many years, she has never been bothered about her big breast because they are her gift from heaven.

“Why will I be bothered about the size of my breast which is a gift from God? God gave everyone what fits them. Some have big buttocks and others have big breasts. I have big breast and I am so proud of it,” she told Delay.
Mercy Asiedu, the mother of two got married to Nana Agyemang Badu, who is the chief of Kunsu in the Ahafo Ano South District of the Ashanti Region on April 2, 2017.

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