A new dance dubbed “banging” allegedly originating from Katanga Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has taken educational institutions by storm.

The dance, according to reports, is now performed at every university event and has now spread to Senior High Schools across the Country.

The dance is simply a form of jungle-matching but this time the left leg is made to bang.

The movement should correspond with the swinging of the arms also from the right high to the lower left limb or vice versa.

Whatever way a person chooses to do the dance, however, flexibility is key.

The dance is also not complete without a Handkerchief.

The energy dance goes well with slow to mid-tempo music though the skilled can manage with fast songs.

Females have their own variations to the dance but their is also marked with the trademark soft bang.

Though the Katanga Hall can boast of the craft, its purpose is largely unknown but the students care little about purpose, caring only about how it feels.

“It feels like at the start of a competition you were last and suddenly you became first,” said Frederick a student of KNUST Senior High School.

“ It gives us vim to face anything in life,” said Arthur a student of Kumasi Anglican SHS.

“It releases stress,” claimed Comfort another student of Kumasi Anglican.