Controversial Counselor, George Lutterodt has said a married man who has sexual intercourse using condom with another person who is not his spouse is faithful.
“Any man who cheats with condom is very faithful but stupid because using condom isn’t easy as you need to erect and maintain erection to fix it. If a man decides that he’s going through a wrong place then among all men you’re very stupid but if you can do it and don’t bring any burden home that is the level of faithfulness,” Counselor Lutterodt said on Tales from the Powder room on GHOne TV.
Commenting on a lady who seeks divorce from her husband because the husband cheated on her and she also got pregnant for another man as a revenge, Counselor Lutterodt described the lady’s act as insanity and desperate.
According to him, cheating is part of marriage and should be perceived in such manner, adding that married women shouldn’t blame themselves for the fault.
“Anytime you made up your mind to get married remember there are two things you can’t avoid in marriage; cheating and divorce…Yes cheating is part of marriage, which means when you find your partner doing it never blame yourself for the fault. I’ve cases where married women have given anal sex foolishly because they think that will keep the husband home which is wrong because there is nothing that a married woman can do to keep her husband home… Men are not home made but out made so for you to bring a man home there are lots of things to do,” Counselor Lutterodt said on GHOne TV.
He said however, married women who go the extreme to please their husbands to save their marriages, are rather worsening their case since such make-believe can not stop a man from cheating.
According to him, he wouldn’t use women’s attitude of satisfying their spouse as a means of justification to cheat but once a partner finds his man cheating on her, there are so many things to do to keep the man’s guilt higher.
“When a man is well treated, he has a guilt around him,” Counselor Lutterodt added.
Counselor Lutterodt added that settling adultery issues by forgiving each other is not the ultimate solution but should be viewed as if it is really necessary to forgive.
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