Late Kumawood actor Ebenezer Donkor, who was popularly known as Katawere, predicted that when he dies he will go to heaven.

The late actor, in what is believed to be his last interview, said considering the life he had lived, he surely had a place in paradise.

The late Katawere, who was known for the popular ‘Efiewura’ television series and who has starred in several local movies, passed away on Monday, November 14. He died at age 78 after battling an undisclosed sickness for the past two years.

Speaking in an interview on the Delay Show before his death, the actor pleaded with God to make his transition to the afterlife a smooth one.

Asked where his faith lies when he dies, Katawere, a staunch Presbyterian, quickly said considering the good that he has done, he will be with God.

Survived by six children, the veteran actor said he had no regrets for the life he lived and did not think he made any grave “mistake”.

Katawere said death is inevitable, cautioning that no one should live under the illusion that he or she will not die.

He had six children with three women. He was with his fourth before he passed.

Watch the interview below: