Instagram goddess Moesha Buodong has explained why she made some statements during her interview with CNN’S Christiane Amanpour.

According to Moesha, her interview with CNN was two years ago when she was naive and didn’t have control over anything she said during the interview.

” I was about twenty-four years old at that time and I had no experience about what to say or what not to say in an interview,”Moesha explained.

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The Ghanaian actress in an interview on ace broadcaster’s Christiane Amanpour’s Sex and Love Around the World said that in Ghana, women sleep with married men to make a living, due to hard economic conditions.

Moesha added that due to her naive attitude she mostly had to go for an interview unprepared and not knowing what to say.

Additionally, Moesha speaking on how the society lambastes her due to what they see to be her nude or semi-nude pictures just to entice men she explained that her pictures are not meant to turn men on rather she posts her pictures because that is what social media is used for.

“I don’t showcase my body to anyone, I’m just being me taking pictures because that’s what Instagram is for,” she stated in an interview with SVTV Africa

The voluptuous lady firmly added that she does not see her pictures as seductive.

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