Ghanaian celebrities have always been tagged as people who enjoy living very lavish lives and wearing some very expensive clothes to befit their celebrities status in the country.

Contrary to claims some celebrities make about the clothes they wear being very expensive and designer clothing, Coded of 4×4 has revealed that he does not even know if the clothes he wears are original or fake.

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The singer and rapper, who appeared on the latest episode of ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix’ stated that when it comes to the clothes he wears, he does not consider whether it is fake or original, as he does not even know the difference between the two.

Coded added that he believes that he buys clothes and footwear that will suit a particular combination or dressing he wants to do and not the originality or fakeness of the particular cloth.

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“…I don’t know what they call original or fake…for things I buy to wear on the body, I don’t look at them in that light… if a particular cloth will look good on me or better still it will go with my combination, that is why I look out for…” Coded stated.

When Zionfelix, the host of the show told Coded that based on the answer he gave above it means he usually wears fake clothing, the musician responded in the negative. Edem made the point that the way an individual rock his or her clothing is what matters and not the original or fake nature of it.

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Coded also added that he may wear a fake clothing but the way he may rock it will not give any individual the indication that it is a fake and as such that it all that matters.