The featured video above shows how Canadian State Broadcaster, CBS, reported the release of the two Canadian girls who were kidnapped in Kumasi.

In their bulleting on TV Wednesday June 12, the broadcaster reported details of how the girls were rescued by efforts from the Ghanaian police service.
They highlighted the current state of the girls; emotionally and psychologically well and getting ready to be reunited with their families. 

They also reported the Canadian government’s response to this in an email that read;

“The Government is very relieved to confirm that the two Canadians who were kidnapped in Ghana have been released. We would like to thank the Government of Ghana for their cooperation in the resolution of this case”.

Lauren Patricia Catherine Tilley, and Bailey Jordan Chitty were found in the early hours of Wednesday June 12, 2018 at Kanyasi in Kumasi.

8 suspects including 5 Ghanaians and 3 Nigerians have so far been arrested in connection with the crime.

Watch video of full report above.