Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has challenged Sarkodie to a TV game battle.

Sarkodie, according to Funny Face has bragged so many times that he is the “King of FIFA 18” hence his decision to challenge him and settle on who’s “king” once and for all.

This isn’t the first time male celebrities are challenging each other to a FIFA battle as rapper Medikal boasted of beating everyone in Sarkodie’s house some time ago.

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Funny Face, who also calls himself the “PS4 LEONARDO DI CAPRIO” says he is ready to provide everything Sarkodie wants during the game so he doesn’t complain after he has “destroyed” him.

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“King Sark, I have heard you can play FIFA so I have set everything for you. I will show you I eat and sleep on pS4. I have the TV screens you want. If you want 75 inches curve too I am ready. I will score you. If you also want a projector I can arrange that. I will score you so you teach me how to rap so I teach you my talent too if you win…” he said.

Sarkodie is yet to take the challenge.


  1. Hmm.. The game Lord is here waiting… Call the challenge now @ funnyface …all I want is your 75″ curve after beating u…this is spencer 0200926347

  2. Funny face ….. U are a child in FIFA 18… Call me and let me come face you… This is the deal… 0200926347…Spencer lewis @fifagamelord

  3. Comment:haha you boys are there talking……………. @casper God of game I mean the creator of FIFA @funnyface you need more training to face the God of game *casper*

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