Father of the late Dancehall diva, Nana Poku Kwarteng has said the he cannot challenge Ebony’s manager, Bullet if he claims to have written all of Ebony’s songs.
According to him, even though that assertion has been held by many, he knows Ebony to be a very good songwriter.
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He made this revelation in an interview with Prince Tsegah on Hitz FM’s “You Sey Wetin” program on Monday.
Mr Kwarteng further noted that before Ebony met Bullet, she had couple of songs compiled as a demo that got Bullet’s attention to sign her onto the RuffTown record label.
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“I can’t challenge that because I wouldn’t know. I didn’t think he should talk about that because it’s not necessary. The lady [Ebony] is not around to challenge that fact. We know him to be a songwriter. Ebony also writes songs. She has about 20 unreleased songs. I know her to be a writer…” he told Prince Tsegah.
He continued that, “Yes, she had the personality, voice and everything. She had already sent a demo to bullet that made him see the girl. She couldn’t have been that bad. She wasn’t bad. There couldn’t be any limitation, bullet supported her but she was a songwriter as well. It wasn’t the case. He fell in love with her through her demos”.


  1. it’s because of ungrateful beings like Ebony’s dad that people don’t get anyone to help them. God hates ungrateful hearts. who even knew your daughter if it wasn’t for Bullet? you are such a greedy man. Stop granting audience to this greedy man.

  2. Why, are you possessed father?
    Why all these uneccessary rantings and ravings ?
    You think bullet hasn’t got family and friends,and you keep playing down on his integrity!
    You are ungrateful! Can you write a song or better still produce and promote an artiste?
    You have made the whole world know the kind of father you are.Non wonder you told us that you trained your daughter well by hiring on toilet for her to visit everyday.
    You are really a disgrace;You and your wife!
    You want to reap where you have not sown!

  3. This is really sad and unfortunate sir.
    You rightly said you are a neophyte, when it comes to the nitty gritties of “today’s youthful music” in Ghana.
    Well, anybody who is in tune with Ghana music today will easily catch “relics” of “ruff n smooth sounds” in ebony’s songs- perhaps, bullet should’ve been modest about but the industry he finds himself in strives on such for sustenance.
    Bullet is human, as such fallible. He was however able to “refine a gem,” which was covered in mud for all to appreciate.
    Just as the gold miner, who initially tramples on the gem underneath his feet before cleansing it to unravel its beauty, Bullet may have fallen short a bit but PLEASE, LET’S CELEBRATE THE “FINISHED PRODUCT/REWARDS” that the young man’s hustle contributed in your queen’s short career.
    I think if you re-watch the tv3 video, where bullet fought to get your daughter into the limelight, you will pick a phone, call him, mend the broken bridges and give your blessing to his newly signed artists, who did a song in memory of your daughter. Bullet is your son- sons fall short attimes. You can give him pieces of advice on how he can perfect his gift of managing PRIVATELY and keep the “thank you tour” for its names sake only. Ghanaians are interesting: they will ditch you with the same speed of endorsement they accord you, if you come out as an ungrateful self conceited man- The blackstars saga should be a cue.
    I hope Christ grant you closure.

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