Dancehall artiste, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda popularly known as MzVee has advised the youth to be patient and prepare for success than being in a hurry to become successful.

According to the ‘Natural Girl’ hit maker who was contributing to a discussion on how to motivate the youth at the National Women’s Summit in Accra Thursday, every individual has the right to be successful but it will only take those determined and ready to shoulder the responsibilities and challenges that cross the path to success.

“No one is alienated from being successful. Every single person here can be successful but not everybody will be, because not everybody is willing to take those steps they need to take to be successful,” MzVee noted.

Explaining how she became successful, MzVee said there were a lot of sacrifices she made which would be useful to the youth who are seeking to become leaders and successful people.

She mentioned passion as a key factor that drives her into doing what she does best.

“From where I come from and where I am now, there are few principles that I followed to be successful. I had a passion which is music. I love to perform to make people happy,” she said.

She added, “And because I love what I do there were times I get emotional, upset but because I love what I do it gives me that extra push to do what I need to do and get to where I need to get to so you need to love and appreciate what you have,” she explained.

The songstress also mentioned preparedness as key to becoming successful.

She said one must be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to become successful because it demands a lot of strength and hard work.

“From the time that we are born we need to shape ourselves in order to become what we want to become. When I started music I was there for about two-three years rehearsing, singing constantly, doing dance, band and performance rehearsals and so many things just to be where I am today,” she revealed.

Stating the need for one to remain focused in reaching a set goal, MzVee bemoaned how most the youth lose focus as they are in hurry to be successful.

“So many girls of today are not focused. You’re in a hurry to sing, you’re in a hurry to be a super star. And because you’re in a hurry you lose focus and then take the wrong step, meet the wrong people and do the wrong things and then get to where you are. But if you remain focused you’ll take the right steps,” she emphasized.

Watch the video below to know more about how MzVee became who she is today