The minister for Special Development Initiatives Hawa Koomson has hinted government will next week start releasing monies for the various projects under the one million per constituency policy.
The policy will temporarily be implemented through a ten member committee until the bill for the creation of the development of authorities is passed in Parliament.
This was disclosed by the Special Development Initiatives Minister Wednesday in an interview with Joy News’ Raymond Acquah on Upfront.
The one million dollars, one constituency policy was one of the many policies announced by the then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo in the heat of the 2016 elections.

The party promised to set up development authorities which will be used as vehicles to implement the policy.
Having won power, pressure is mounting on the new government to fulfill the promises it made on the campaign trail.
There are fears the policy may not be implemented anytime soon since the bills for the development authorities are yet to be passed by Parliament.
But the sector minister Hawa Koomson says her outfit is using alternative means to implement the policy whilst it awaits the passage of the bill in Parliament.
Already six of the regions have submitted a report on what development projects they will embarked on if the one million dollars is disbursed to the various constituencies in their regions.
Hawa Koomson said they are waiting for the four other regions to submit their report and they have a Friday deadline to meet.
When she was asked to confirm the date on which the monies will be disbursed to the constituencies she said: “Latest by the end of August.”

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