Controversial Hiplife artiste, A-Plus has tasked Ghanaians to demand an end to the frequent power outages (dumsor) in the country as soon as possible.

His comment comes on the back of the current erratic power situation in the country which has left many areas without electricity for several hours and days.

He noted in a Facebook post:

“All those who believed that Nana Addo and the NPP can end Dumsor and so voted for change have every right to demand that it ends as soon as possible. Don’t give this government breathing space. Demand that they solve it. At least you have to be given a reasonable time when this will end. And like I said it has to be very very soon”.

“Now, those of you who didn’t vote for Nana and though dumsor was a huge issue, voted for Mahama…. especially those of you who were busy shouting “we love dumsor” and #JMToaso on social media but have turned around to ask Nana for light, see, bobo self you no go get…. #Gbemi people.

The most annoying ones are those who say “we voted for you to solve it” you and who voted? #Gbemi again. Shut up and let those who don’t love dumsor complain”.