Veteran actor, Abeiku Sagoe says the Vice President of the Ghana Actors Guild, Van Vicker, has been sidelined by Sammy Fiscian, the group’s president.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Abeiku Sagoe, alleged that Van Vicker and some others have been marginalised and are not part of decision making of the Guild.

Sagoe, who lost the Group’s presidential contest in 2017 to Sammy Fiscian, continued that the Guild is currently being run by Sammy Fiscian, Oscar Provencal and Ken Fiati.

After the elections in 2017, Sammy Fiscian had claimed that Van Vicker does not support him with the running of the affairs of the actors’ body.

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Abeiku Sagoe

Abeiku, however, refuted the claims;

“They have sidelined him. It’s not Van Vicker [who is] not working, he has been sidelined. Now the Ghana Actors Guild is run by Fiscian, Oscar and Ken Fiati. All the others including Van Vicker have been marginalized. If he did not want to work he wouldn’t have contested in the elections…,” he said.

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While he is not interested in contesting for the presidency of the Actors’ Guild, Abeiku Sagoe said he is more than ready to- support Van Vicker should he decide to run.

“If Van Vicker wants to run for Actors Guild President, he has my support and blessing and I will ensure that he wins,” he assured.

Van Vicker, on the other hand, says the statements made by Abeiku Sagoe are true.

The actor briefly told Hitz@1 that: “I endorse what Abeiku Sagoe said about me being sidelined. But I don’t want to go into details. I never intended to run and I am not going to run another term.”

He also revealed that he has no interest in running for the presidency at the Ghana Actors Guild.