Communications Minister Ursula Ekuful Owusu has been accused of doing Chinese government’s bidding at the expense of Ghanaians’ interest.

Mrs Ursula Owusu-Ekuful in a statement said the public is confusing issues on the digital infrastructure and its satellite programme to extend digital TV to 300 communities which Startimes is actually running.

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The minister said she will work with various industry stakeholders to ensure a cost-effective digital infrastructure is built, even ad the minority in parliament and other stakeholders are against the deal.

Her assurance comes after her deputy George Andah had said an agreement with StarTimes is a condition for Ghana to secure a $19 billion loan from the China EXIM bank.

Mr Andah said, “we did not intend to sign any such contract, [and] we will not sign any such contract.”

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But Wireko Brobbey, a controversial member of the ruling party said he thinks Mrs Owusu-Ekuful is being more Chinese on the deal than Ghanaian.

Read his facebook post below:

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