The Upper East Region has been hit by the shortage of Onions for the past two months.

The vegetable is predominantly grown during the dry season in areas like Kulungungu, Garu, Mognori, Pusiga Jentiiga Serbubi, among others in Bawku.

With barely two weeks to the celebration of Christmas, our Correspondents, Prosper Adankai and Sarah Dubure visited the Bolgatanga new Market to find out the situation.

Two kinds of onions are sold in the region. The Burkina Faso grown onions, and the locally grown ones.

The Burkina Faso grown onions were initially sold at 35 cedis a bucket two months ago, but now go for 55 cedis, whereas the locally grown ones which initially went for 40 cedis, are now being sold for 60 cedis.

Interestingly, demand for the locally grown onions is high despite the hike in prices.

According to many, the locally grown onions have a nice flavor than the Burkina Faso grown ones.

Although many prefer to use the locally grown onions for cooking, they are compelled to use the Burkina Faso grown onions suitable for making salad because of its mild and soft nature, due to financial constraints.

Speaking to GBC’s Radio Ghana, a customer at the Bolgatanga new market, Florence Ayamga expressed concern over the high cost of onions in the market.

An operator of Halaal Restaurant and Catering Services, Miles Sule observed the hikes in prices of onion has increased the cost of production.

A visit to the Bolgatanga New Market by our correspondent confirmed, that the shortage of the commodity and increase in demand has resulted in the hike in the price of onion.

As we inch closer to the Christmas and new year holidays, traders and buyers would have to adjust their budget to get the vegetable from farmers who have it in stock, as this is the time to cash in from their sweat