The UNECA in collaboration with the Kaduna State Government, has successfully conducted a training session for 43 staff members from the Kaduna State Residents Identity Management Agency (KADRIMA) and the Kaduna State Pension Bureau. This training aims to equip the staff with the skills necessary to effectively use the newly developed Pensioner Verification App, designed to streamline the identification and verification process for pensioners.

The training session, held at the KADRIMA head office, included 39 KADRIMA staff members (23 field officers and 19 HQ staff), and 4 key staff members from the Pension Bureau. This initiative is part of the state government’s broader strategy to digitalize and enhance the efficiency of government services, ensuring that pensioners receive timely and hassle-free verification.

Key Highlights of the Training:

Hands-On App Training: Participants received detailed instructions on using the app, including registration, biometric verification, and troubleshooting.

Field Application: Practical sessions were conducted to prepare field officers to assist pensioners in remote and rural areas who may require help with the verification process or do not have access to Android devices.

Data Management: The training covered the integration of the app with the state’s Master Data Management system, ensuring secure and efficient data handling.

Feedback and Improvement: Participants were encouraged to provide feedback to enhance the app’s functionality and user experience.

Statements from Key Stakeholders:

Mr. Muhammed Jibrin Bamalli, Acting ES KADRIMA, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This training is a crucial step towards our mission of improving service delivery through technology. The Pensioner Verification App will significantly reduce the burden on our pensioners and ensure a more efficient verification process.”

Ms. Salamatu Isah, Head of the Pension Bureau, added, “The introduction of this app is a game-changer for our pension verification process. We are grateful for the support from the ECA and are confident that this will bring about positive changes for our pensioners.”

Ms. Dobrina Poirier, Economic Affairs Officer from UNECA, stated, “The UNECA is proud to see this project come to fruition. The dedication and commitment of KADRIMA and the Pension Bureau has been instrumental in advancing and showcasing how digital IDs can transform public service delivery.”

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).