You might not have ever realised but the way a person shakes hands with you reveals a lot about his or her personality. In fact, this simple gesture of handshaking is a part of one’s body language and can be a smart way to interpret what is going on in a person’s mind. Here are some different kind of handshakes and what they indicate about the person.

The sweaty palm: If you shake hands with someone whose palms are sweaty, it indicates nervousness. There is a high probability that the person is a bit self-conscious and tensed about something.

The dead fish: If a person shakes hand with a limp hand and you feel like you are holding a dead fish, it indicates the person is reserved and uninterested.

The over-energetic one: We bet you would have shook hands with at least one person who literally crushed your hand and made you cringe, isn’t it? It indicates that the person might be intimidating by nature and is testing your strength.

The hand hug: This one smart tactic used by politicians to come across as a warm and affectionate person to people. Here, the person uses his second hand to cover the recipient’s hand and try to convey care and trust.

The fist bump: This might not qualify as a handshake, but it indicates that the person considers you a friend or is trying to create friendly rapport with you. Doing a fist bump is way of expressing chemistry and pleasant bonding.

So now, whenever you shake hands with anyone, be a little vigilant and try interpreting what is the person actually thinking about you.



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