File photo: Arrest

Two Yemeni crime suspects standing trial at the Kwabenya Circuit Court for up to 10 charges have escaped from Ghana Immigration Service custody.

The two, Sabila Ahmed Al-Mohammed and Khalee Mohammed Gazi were among nine Yemeni citizens standing trial for attempted murder, threat of death, causing fear and panic, discharging firearms without permit, among other things.

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The nine were arrested for allegedly terrorizing a family in West Legon because in December 2017, the father of the suspects, Omar Mohammed Mahmudu, allegedly defiled a 13-year-old girl and the girl’s family took the matter to court with the help of one Hassan Zein.

The nine who were on police enquiry bails were put before court and Immigration Service went in and arrested them with the excuse that they had been on the wanted list of the lmmigration Service for a long time.

But information reaching Adom News indicates that the two of them have escaped.

Adom News’ information has it that since the arrest and release of Mohammed Mahmudu on grounds of ill health, his family members have been terrorizing the owners and staff of Zein Security because the proprietor facilitated their father’s arrest.

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He said 18 of them were arrested but nine managed to escape from the police amidst gunshot exchanges in broad daylight with their handcuffs, adding that those nine have since fled the country and are not on Interpol high alert list.

Lawyer for the defiled girl, Justice Abdulai, said the lackadaisical manner in which the security agencies in Ghana are handling the matter reminds him of how the kidnap of the Takoradi girls was handled until their death was confirmed.

“Because of the constant threats from these suspects, Hassan Zein has been forced to close down 50 of his businesses and sack 2,000 of his workers for their own safety,” the lawyer revealed.

He added that the suspects constantly fire guns into the house of Mr Zein and the family of the defiled girl and they engage in constant character assassination on social media to intimidate Mr Zein and the victim’s family.

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“They often throw big names like the President, Vice President, Interior Minister, Malian Ambassador and others around and so they have become untouchable,” he said.

According to him, all attempts to get the National Chief Imam, Dr Sheik Nuhu Shaributu to resolve the matter have failed.

He said the matter has been with the police for the past two years but not much has been done to stop them from terrorizing their victims.

The lawyer has, therefore, petitioned the President, IGP and National Security to act fast and save lives and businesses before “we tell another sad story like the story of the Takoradi girls”.

Source:|Adom News