Two persons have been arrested at the Black Star Square for allegedly stealing mobile phones.

The two were arrested after a lady who only gave her name as Irene complained to a nearby police officer that her phone has been stolen and accused the two.

In a heated argument with the lady, the two male adults, denied taking her phone and subsequently emptied their pockets to prove their innocence.

Not amused by their plea, the lady reported to police personnel who were busy conducting body search on persons seeking to enter the Square where the 60th Anniversary is being held.

The Police after a hectic search, found the phone of one of them and returned it to the lady who is still in a state of shock.

The two suspects told Kofi Adomah in interview that they did not steal the phones but rather found it on the floor.

“I have not taken any phone, I saw it on the floor and was about to give it to her but the police said I have stolen it…,” one of the suspects said.

The suspects have been kept at the Police post at the square and would subsequently be moved to the Osu Police Station.