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Two persons have been lynched at Zakpalsi, a farming community in the Mion District of the Northern Region, over suspicion of witchcraft.

The victims have been identified as Imoro Safura, a female in her 40s and a 70-year-old man, Chirifo Sharu Mohammed.

Safura, who is a mother of seven, was reportedly lynched at the forecourt of the chief’s palace after a hot chase from her house.

Mohammed was also lynched in his house.

Reports by Accra-based TV3 indicate the heinous crime was committed against them after they were blamed for the sickness of a resident following consultations with a soothsayer.

Meanwhile, the members of the Northern Regional Reintegration Committee on Witchcraft Accusation and Disbandment of Alleged Witches Camp have condemned the act.

The Executive Director, Hajia Lamnatu Adams, has described the act as barbaric and an affront to human rights, especially as Ghana has signed on to a number of international human rights conventions.

The group has described the act as a clear case of murder and demanded that the perpetrators are brought to book.

Hajia Adams further commended the police for visiting the area and appealed for swift investigations.

Listen to Hajia Adams in the audio attached above: