It all began over a year ago when the teenager travelled by herself from Adansi Fumso to the offices of Multimedia Group in Kumasi.
She told a pathetic story of how poverty had forced her widowed mother into exile in the bush because creditors, including a bank, were chasing her for their money.
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The girl and her siblings had to share a school uniform and footwear to school.
Following a public appeal on ‘Obra’ on Nhyira 104.5 FM, listeners and other sympathizers across the world, out of goodwill and faith in the Multimedia brand, contributed to bring comfort to the distressed family.

People in Accra donated materials and cash via our platforms in the capital.

A cheque for GhȻ17,000 was handed to the woman, closing a chapter of misery to open another of financial liberation and hope.
Suddenly, a few weeks ago, the old video of the girl appealing for help surfaced again on social media.
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Management of The Multimedia Group in Kumasi sought answers from the woman after the issue was brought to the company’s attention.
She alleged she never received all Ȼ17, 000 because a former staff, Naa Amerley, popularly known as Auntie Naa took Ȼ5,000 for supposed ‘thank you’ for panellists on ‘Obra’.
She also alleged the team kept Ȼ8,000 out of Ȼ10,000 from an unidentified donor, in breach of the company’s rules.
The matter was reported to police for investigation following which Naa Amerley returned Ȼ13,000 to police.
She maintains the woman gave the money out on her own will, a position corroborated by a former producer of the Obra programme, one Omega, but the woman contradicts the account in the presence of the police.
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They admitted they never informed management but claimed to have used the money to support other needy people without permission from management.
They also sought to suggest The Multimedia Group had no systems to raise and disburse funds for charity but management produced documents to the contrary.
Police investigation however continues.