When it comes to teaching and learning, there is the need for an equipped educational facility to improve the teaching and learning process.

Over the years, some corporate organisations have sponsored the putting up of new educational structures to enhance teaching and learning in various communities across the country.

The latest to benefit from such gestures is Dzabukpo, a town in the Volta Region, Central Tongu District to be specific.

Previously, the school structure that served the whole community was really in a deplorable state which made teaching and learning non-effective which really affected the performances of pupils.

But, a new structure put up by Twellium Foundation, has helped in changing the educational system for the people of Dzabukpo.

Dorder Gershon, the headmaster of Dzabukpo D/A Primary School, in an interview with Adom TV said before the structure was put up, teachers were not willing to accept postings to the community.

Pupil enrollment was very low. Again, classes came to abrupt end anytime it rained.

But, with the new structure, enrollment has improved with teachers now willing to accept posting to the school.

To maintain the structure, the headmaster said pupils have been urged not to write on the school walls.

“We the staff, we are putting in certain plans and mechanisms in case the paint is fading, we will paint it,” he assured.

Walter Siabi, a teacher who has been teaching at Dzabukpo D/A Primary School for five years, also expressed how delighted he was with the new school structure put up by Twellium Foundation. He said, “we will deliver well and continue to improve on our performance so that the school will become the best.”

Edem Akor, a parent in the community, said children in the area now have interest in going to school because of the new school structure.

“Unlike before, they will have to tell them to go to school. But now, they do that without being asked to,” he said.

Pupils of Dzabukpo D/A Primary School also expressed delight about the new structure in their community and how it had made them have interest in learning when they come to school.

They encouraged Twellium Foundation to continue their good works in helping to change lives of individuals and people in various communities across the country.