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Trending: Photos of Nigerian teen husband and wife…


Social media has been buzzing with photographs of a young couple in the past weekend.

He is 19 and she is 15, and contrary to the hopes of many that it would turn out to be a photoshoot for a fashion house, reports suggest otherwise.

According to Pulse.ng, these were their pre-wedding photographs as they actually got married on Saturday, October 7, 2017, somewhere in the Northern parts of the country.

Twitter user, Abubakar Sidiq Usman who posted the photos of the couple on his account, claims they got married with the full consent of their parents and the wedding Nikkah was a well attended event as many people turned out to witness it.

Though many Nigerians feel their parents should have made them focus more on their education before thinking of settling down, other believe they could still go back to school as married people and that such an early marriage would make them responsible.

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