Joint Transport Operators in Takoradi, led by Metro Mass Transit Limited, have accused the Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, of abusing his office.

They claim Mr Mensah has used his office to unduly favour a private transport company over them.

In a statement, they indicated the Transport Officer of the STMA, Patrick Sebe, and some others have declared openly that the national bus carrier, Metro Mass does not exist in the region.

Against this backdrop, the Metro Mass Terminal in Takoradi has been released to a Private Transport, Bimbisala Cooperative Transport Limited.

“According to Patrick Sebe, a permit has been signed by the Regional Minister who is also acting as the Metropolitan Chief Executive for the release of the terminal to the private operator after the MMT Board Chairman and the Transport Minister have all spoken against the act.

“The group in a statement said this action is making them believe that the said permit is for himself and not for a private operator as said,” part of the statement read.

The transport operators say they have told the minister that they cannot and would not be able to work with the Bimbisalah Cooperative harmoniously at the Takoradi terminal.