Traders and other business operators in Kumasi are cashing in on NPP’s election victory, as sale of the party’s paraphernalia booms.

Celebration of last week’s win comes with high demand for every conceivable item in the blue, red and white colours of the party.

Many dealers have shifted from their regular businesses in order to capitalise on the opportunity.

The new business boom ranges from the sale of NPP-branded T-shirts and other outfits, ear-rings, watches and even boxer shorts.

40-year-old Gyamfi, for instance, used to sell shoes and clothes at the central business district of Adum.

Four years ago, he imported NPP souvenirs in anticipation the party’s victory which never was, resulting in loss of investment.

This year, however, the fortunes have turned in his favour as his business assumed a positive dimension following declaration of the results in NPP’s favour.

“I have already sold 2,000 pieces of boxer shorts today. I sold 1,300 pieces yesterday,” Mr. Gyamfi said in excitement.

Dealer in shampoo and other beauty products, Tina, has converted her shop into temporary warehouse for wholesale of NPP paraphernalia.

“We are selling muffler, balls, vuvuzella, caps, sandals and scarves. Usually, we open our shop at about 9 a.m. but today we were compelled to open at 6 a.m. because we had many people calling us for supplies,” she explained.

Tina says it’s good the NPP won because it has created jobs for many young people in the area.

The boom extends to already- establish businesses like the printing press which are enjoying huge patronage in the last few days.

Harrison Nyantakyi prints one thousand pieces of T-shirts a day compared to about 50 before the elections.

“We pray that this continues throughout next year,” he spiritually appealed.

The trend means many unemployed persons like Cynthia now have something to do.

She had placed an order for 200 printed shirts for sale.

 “I can sell a shirt for 40 Ghana cedis or 30 Ghana cedis. It costs 16 Ghana cedis to print one which means good profit,” Cynthia explained.

It is common among the printers like Antie Aisha who prints and frames pictures of president-elect, Nana Akuffo Addo, and his vice.

Though picture framing is her usual business, she explains focussing on images of NPP leaders is fetching more money.

“Until now, I struggled to sell even two framed pictures in a day but now I sell between 300 and 500 picture frames in a day. Due to demand, price per unit has increased from 10 Ghana cedis to 15 Ghana cedis. People are still buying,’’ Auntie Aisha revealed.

Meanwhile, Kumasi based think-tank, Centre for Economic and Business Research observes the emerging trend is a boost for the local economy but will not last.

Executive Director, Gordon Newlove Asamoah, wants businesses to keep an eye on their regular businesses before the euphoria dies down.