Restaurants! A place where we often go to attend to a very important call from nature. Food is good and essential to human existence. What we eat and where we eat from are two very important factors that we should always pay close attention to. In Ghana many people still love their local meals although it has become increasingly difficult to prepare them by ourselves due to the lack of time. Busy work schedules and ‘’the fast life’’ makes it quite impossible to cook your favorite local meal and enjoy it in the relaxation of your home. All hope isn’t lost as these days, there are local restaurants who specialize in making amazing local food . The beauty about this is the fact that you can get the food delivered at your home or office in less than an hour thanks to Africa’s leading online food delivery service Jumia Food. In Accra there are loads of local food vendors with different specializations. However, for the corporate and elite, they may choose to call them local food restaurants. We take a look at a few of them you may not have known existed in Accra.

The Chop Bar – Just as the name suggests, this local food eatery specializes in delicious Ghanaian food. From fufu with assorted soups to banku with it’s ‘’akutruments’’, you are sorted at this local food restaurant. For those who preach diversity, there are other meals on the menu such as fried yam with chicken, kelewele, rice dishes and other tasty meals. However, you can be guaranteed amazing local food here. Customer service is top notch and the ambience is just divine. You can trust the quality and sanitation as well. The Chop Bar restaurant is located at East Legon (A&C shopping mall) and Achimota (Achimota retail centre). You can order online on Jumia food and pay in cash on delivery or pay via mobile money.

Yenkodi – This is not your ordinary restaurant. It features the best African Art and Crafts with Great Music, Live Bands, DJs, Live Karaoke, and much much more. Yenkodi has probably the Finest Cuisine from the best Ghanaian food to worldwide favourites. The staff at Yenkodi are courteous and provide fast service with a smile. Yenkodi is located at the Corner of Mensah Wood Road & Opposite Ghana Link Services, Lagos Ave, Accra, Ghana. Is it fufu, banku, ampesi or other local cuisines? Trust Yenkodi to serve you the very best. With Jumia Food, your delivery is also sorted at a small fee. You can pay on delivery in cash or by mobile money.

Klassy Pot – African cuisine is often represented with a pot because the cooking is usually done in a pot. How about a ‘’klassy’’ one? Located at Dzorwulu, this local restaurant serves some amazing Ghanaian meals that ranges from waakye, banku with hot pepper and fish, ‘’angwa mu’’ . Most rice dishes are served in leaves to give it that local feel while the staff are very helpful and the entire space is clean. Klassy pot offers a unique service that suits many corporate individuals who wish to get the feel of the local vendor in a ‘’klassy’’ way. Payment on delivery is available and mobile payments are also accepted. Delivery of food is a problem long solved by Jumia Food. All you have to do is order and be sure to get your food in less than an hour.

Mango Restaurant – A very popular food joint in East Legon, Mango restaurant otherwise known as Mangoase is that perfect place for the afternoon local food lunch if you are closeby. What would you love for lunch? Fufu, banku, waakye and all other local meals are available and can also be delivered to your home or office by Jumia Food. Both cash and online payments are accepted. Unlike the name may suggest, mangoes are not on sale here . Rather very tasty Ghanaian meals that may leave you licking your fingers.

Azmera – The name sounds more Arabic than Ghanaian but don’t be deceived. Azmera restaurant serves a great deal of delicious local meals that are carefully prepared by good professional local cooks. The restaurant itself is inviting for it’s ambience and the accommodating staff. Deliveries are done by Jumia Food at a small fee and all payments can either be done on delivery inn cash or by mobile payments. This restaurant is located at Roman Ridge in Accra and is one of the top local food restaurants in the country. Banku with different soups and sauces, fufu with various soups , waakye, jollof rice and other Ghanaian made dishes are available. You can never go wrong with local food from Azmera. Taste to remember.

Have you been to any of these restaurants? What was the experience like?

If you haven’t tried any before, don’t waste any more time. Just go!

Credit : Jumia Food