Asomdwee park source: daily guide
Asomdwee park source: daily guide

The family of late President John Evans Atta Mills has said they are still considering whether to move his remains from Asomdwee Park to his hometown, Otuam in the Central Region or not.

The family made this known after accusing the founder of the Atta-Mills Institute, Samuel Koku Anyidoho, of supervising the ‘desecration’ of the late President’s tomb.

The family of the late President is demanding Mr Anyidoho and the Coastal Development Authority (CDA) to produce his remains.

They have questioned why the Atta Mills Institute founder could carry out such monumental activity at the tomb without the knowledge or consent of the family.

Brother to the late President, Samuel Atta Mills on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem questioned the kind of rituals that were carried out before the tomb was opened.

Asked if the family will relocate the body of the late President as they are not happy about the latest development, Mr Mills said there is a consideration although it is not on the table for discussion now.

“If we had moved our brother and buried him somewhere else, I am sure all these problems would not have happened. How can you just go to our brother’s grave and desecrate it just like that?

“Moving our late brother is something that the family has been thinking about because we have elders in the family and they hear everything happening and so we are still thinking about it,” he said.