Lawyer of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), Emmanuel Avelogbo, has justified why the Assembly did not sign a WASTE-TO-ENERGY contract with NEHLSEN TUBA-TURBINE WTE SPV GHANA.
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He explained that, they had already signed the same agreement with AMERCH-AFRICA and abrogating it will mean the payment of judgement debt.

The TMA is in the news after its Metropolitan Chief Executive; Felix Mensah Nii Anang-La was accused of demanding 10 percent shares from NEHLSEN TUBA-TURBINE WTE SPV GHANA before signing a contract with them to generate power from waste generated in the metropolis.
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Management of TMA has since denied the allegations, saying they did not make any such request from NEHLSEN.
On why they have failed to sign the contract, Avelogbo stated unequivocally that he will never advise TMA to sign another contract with NEHLSEN.
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    • Master we are taking about a contract that give one company 100%
      This is simple mathematics .
      Which part of this issue don’t you understand.
      What kind of journalist is Captain Smart .
      Is he trying to get information from the lawyer or he is directly telling him that he is incompetent .
      You are rather confused group of people who don’t understand simple analogy
      Why is the lawyer being questioned about the MCE’s dealings

  1. To the TMA Lawyer, there is no harm signing another agreement with the new firm and also getting them on board considering how dirty Tema looks at the moment. Telling us that because you have signed an agreement with one firm and as a result you cannot sign with another firm is senseless. If it will take 10 firms, why don’t you engage them.After all, will they not bring competition, will they not create employment? These are some justifications why we should vote for our DCEs. Obviously, nobody will vote for such a DCE.

  2. You sign contract with one incompetent company who can’t do the job why don’t you bring more contractors on board. @ Asimenu, I don’t know you but I don’t think you can do a pin of what Captian smart is doing. You dare not insult that man. You people are all part of Ghana’s wahala.

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