A videotape of people suspected to Senior High School students having carnal knowledge of themselves has leaked and has taken social media by storm.

The video spots a young girl sandwiched by three guys in a hot se£ual encounter.

Unlike the Bantama gang rape, this is a fully consensual act with the lady in the groove taking shots like a professional.

It is unclear who the girl is but some people claim she’s a product of the St Louis SHS.

Unfortunately, we can’t share the video due to well-known reasons.

Meanwhile, an audio purported to be coming from the girl in the video has surfaced with her saying she knows nothing about the video.



  1. Kwasea who are those saying bull shit things? U full yourself aa den we get video aa u dey talk shit. Gyantranii, wo brっfo tantan

  2. Nothing new under the sun. Except that the world looks smaller now and information easily gets to public domain good/bad to high technological growth

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