Kwamena Duncan
Kwamena Duncan

Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan, says those criticising the government over the teachers’ strike are hypocrites.

His comment follows Kwesi Pratt Jnr, the Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper’s comment on radio that politicians are acting as though teachers’ decision to go on a strike is unreasonable and that politicians don’t love Ghana more than the striking teachers.

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According to him, the same critics were not in support of the university lecturers’ strike over books and research allowances.

“Not long ago, university lecturers went for strike over books and research allowance and the same people who are criticising us now were the same people saying the books and research allowance is unnecessary and that it should be cancelled. At that moment weren’t they knowledgeable and patriotic, didn’t they love the country, are lecturers not also teachers?” he quizzed.

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He added that there was nothing wrong with the incumbent government linking  the source of the arrears to the previous government in explaining why there is a hold back in paying the rest of the teachers.

“How do you explain the matter to the country without letting the country know how the matter originated?” he said in an interview on Peace FM, monitored by