When you are in love, hormones fluctuate, heart levels elevate and overall, your mood seems joyful. Romance and the chemistry of love have been long talked about but have you ever wondered, why it actually happens? Butterflies fluttering in the stomach, feeling the right kind of connect and warmth, there is something about the connection between you and your loved one which feels just right! Don’t you agree?

All the while you think it is something in your significant other’s eyes or a matching personality, well, surprise surprise, it is actually something else. According to scientists, before you actually get to the prospect of ‘liking’ a person, your body does the talking for you. And no, we are not talking about your body language.

Your body composition or what experts like to call as the ‘love vitamins’ decide who is the ideal match for you. So the odds are, the person you are extremely compatible and connected to have a similar body profile as of yours. Confused? We help you decode this interesting chemical equation between you and your loved one.

How does the chemistry happen?

When you (or your body) is attracted to somebody, chemical signals, determined by your DNA patterns are produced which are easily detected by your potential partner and thereby, the chemistry happens and you tend to click with the person.

We all know that we have a certain type of DNA which differentiates us from the people around us and gives us a unique identity. Your genes can tell a lot about you and shape your personality as well. The same way, we also have a certain human leukocyte antigen complex, known as HLA, which helps our immune system differentiate between the good cells and the bad ones. It also helps decode the person who has the most odds of connecting with us on a physical as well as sexual level, based on their gene mapping. Therefore, more than the matching traits, likes and dislikes, it is the matching genes which have a say in your relationship.

Yes, opposites do attract!

Contrary to the feeling that you only get along or develop romantic feelings for the person who has a similar personality to yours, there is scientific proof that opposites do attract. A study conducted observed 254 couples involved in a relationship and observed their traits and the various antigens in their bodies. The research found out that people were attracted to partners with a very different HLA complex than theirs. It increased their chances of sexual compatibility as well as a desire to procreate, adding to the factor that ideal gene mapping supports evolution as well, which would result in the supercharged and proactive immune system.

The research also made way for an interesting observation. Partners were more likely to think of their significant others’ odour if their HLA levels differentiated. Odour and smell is a weird way our body connects with someone, believe it or not. Also, HLA antigens also play an important role in understanding your relationship. When you are involved with someone who is an ideal match for you genetically, you are less likely to be depressed or stressed. Dopamine levels shoot up and you stay happy for longer, which is a key thing in a relationship.

Source: TNN/timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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