Newborns are fragile and so is their immunity. So unless you cannot resist the urge to visit the little bundle of joy of your sister, brother, best friend or a close colleague, it is best to avoid meeting a new born for a couple of weeks. But if you have to, first thing to remember is to make your visit really really short. It is primarily because the entire birthing process and interrupted sleep cycle is anyway exhausting for the couple and their caretakers, and by extending your stay, you may be eating into their rest time.

Make sure that you do not take flowers or giant teddies to welcome the new born. It would be better to carry some bright and beautiful balloons, new born clothes (parents will need loads of them), sanitiser, or best to give a gift card of a baby shop to allow parents to choose what they want to buy.

Also, do not wait for anyone to remind you about washing your hands.

Speak softly when you are around the baby and mother. Before that make sure that you check with the husband if your visiting time is fine.

If you have kids, it is best to leave them behind. A hyper toddler is the last thing new parents want to handle – craving for your attention, refusing to sit quietly and shouting out loud.

The most important thing to consider before scheduling your visit is to make sure that you do not visit the new born if you are under the weather.

Last but not the least, do not expect to hold the baby.