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These are the 7 super germy things at your office


1. Super germy things in the office

You might have noticed that whenever someone is sick in the office, you too start feeling low. The reason behind this is very simple, office space is full of germs and bacteria. It is the most favorable space for the growth of infectious diseases and illness. It even spreads faster through the air and other objects that are touched by people repeatedly.

You are surrounded by germs 24/7 while you are in office. Regardless of how much hygiene tips you follow, it is very difficult to keep yourself safe from the transmission of diseases.

You might not even know but these seven things present in your office are super germy:

2. Keyboard and mouse

Your computer system is full of germs. They are exposed to thousands of bacteria from sweat, food particles and dust. When you touch your body parts like mouth, eyes, nose, while working, these bacteria enter your body through various entry points. Wash your hand or use sanitizer after using your keyboard and mouse. You can also clean your system with disinfecting wipes every day.

3. The refrigerator and microwave

The refrigerator and microwave kept in the office kitchen are also a harboring spot for bacteria. Scores of people touch the handles of the refrigerator and microwave every day, making them favorable for germs to breed. Do not keep your food in the fridge unless someone wipes the handle every day.

4. Kitchen sponges

What if we tell you that the thing that is meant to keep utensils clean is laden with dirt. Yes, it is true. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t recommend using sponges to clean things. Due to its dampness and presence of small holes, sponges are one the best places for breeding of bacteria. You can microwave or boil the sponges before using, but that will also won’t help much.

5. Elevator buttons and escalator railings

Elevator buttons and escalator railings are breeding ground for infectious virus and bacteria. These areas are touched most often by people who are healthy as well as sick. Wash your hands after you touch them to stay healthy.

6. Office door

Office door knobs are home to germs and bacteria. They are touched multiple times in a day by different people. Moreover, the knobs are not cleaned every day, so it is obvious that they are full of germs. But you cannot avoid touching it if you are in the office. So, to keep yourself safe, wash your hands and sanitize it regularly.

7. Faucet handles and soap dispenser

If your office faucets and soap dispensers have sensors, then consider yourself lucky. But in case they are not, then you are very likely to come in contact with harmful germs. Toilet faucets and soap dispensers are home to multiple bacteria which are transmitted through fecal particles. To stay safe, we recommend you use toilet paper to turn the faucet on or off. Use hand sanitizer after you have touched the faucet to keep yourself germ-free.


Don’t be shocked, but the air in which you breathe is the germiest. When a sick person talks, cough, and sneezes, their respiratory droplets get mixed with the air making it unhealthy for others. Due to this, it is advised to cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. Last but not the least, encourage your sick coworkers to stay home.

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