Nigerian promoter, Yemi Baba

A Nigerian promoter and blogger, Yemi Baba has politely asked Ghanaians not to allow hatred overshadow the fact that there are good Nigerians living in the country amidst recent kidnap incidents.

According to him, though Ghanaians have registered their fury and on several occasions blamed Nigerians for many criminal cases in the country, there are many good ones who are discerning enough not to support crime.

He explained that, because most Ghanaians perceive Nigerians as criminals, it would be right to put measures in place to “sieve the good ones from the bad ones.”

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Failure to tighten up security at Ghana’s borders, he said, would allow other foreigners to commit crime that might go far and put the blame on Nigerians.

“Let’s not allow hate to overshadow certain things that would let us regret later. If God is not with us, these things will brew war, hate and a lot of negative things. But we have good leaders and discerning people who know certain things should be put in place. If certain checks and balances are not made, it would affect the innocent ones,” he said.

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Yemi Baba added that, he has been in Ghana for over two decades and would testify for many good Nigerians who abide by the laws in Ghana.

“I was in Ghana in 1997 to 98 and I have schooled here. For the sake of some of us who have a home in Ghana and have friends, we should let the authority come together and take out the nonsense and those giving the negative things. We abide by the law,” he said on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Thursday.

Source: | Dennis K. Adu