Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah, has called on President of policy think tank, Imani Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe to state his motivation for chasing the ministry over the $89m GVG Kelni contract.

This, he said, is necessary as Imani and Franklin Cudjoe failed to do so under the previous arrangement which was abrogated by this current government.

“In principle, there is no problem. Franklin Cudjoe told me that he and MTN CEO, Eben Asante had spoken and he said in the past one year, he has no seen Franklin Cudjoe, he had not spoken to Franklin Cudjoe, I don’t know what Franklin Cudjoe’s motivation is…,” he said.

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His comments follow warnings raised by the President of Imani Africa, Franklin Cudjoe on the 89 million dollars contract awarded to Haitian company, KelniGVG.

Mr. Andah insisted that government cannot rely on data provided by the telcos and banks, hence the need for an independent monitor.

He said he was questioning Franklin Cudjoe’s motivation because he and Imani Ghana had failed to raise issues with the former arrangement entered to by the previous administration which to him was never the best.

“The law states exactly what must be done, it was in 2009, we looked at it and we thought something must be done about it…have you tried to verify your information with us…,” he quizzed.

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To him, the claims of Franklin Cudjoe is very worrying as none of the telecom agencies in Ghana are complaining about the system.

Mr Cudjoe had said the contract was needless and is just a duplication of functions of Subah and Afriwave, whose contracts were signed by the previous government.

According to him, the five-year “automatic renewable” clause captured on Page 2 of the contract really gives the Haitian company more than $120 million.

Again, Mr Cudjoe said Kelni GVG had no track record anywhere in the world to be given such a contract.

He claims that the suspicions about the contract is the reason behind the resignation of a board member of implementing agency National Communications Authority (NCA), Susan-Barbera Adjorkor Kumapley.