The second round in the quarter finals of Adom Bible Quiz eneded in tears from both winners and losers.
The two girls from The Church of Pentecost, Agyir Blankson Memorial Chapel, Madina Estate could not hold back their tears after failing to qualify even though they put up a spirited fight through and through.
Whereas that was understandable, everyone was surprised to find one of the girls from ICGC Liberty Temple, Ashongman Estate, Priscilla Yeboah also crying even though they carried the day with 48 points.
She was not alone, as Afia Asare from Transformation Power Chapel, Alhaji Tabora also shed some tears even though they qualified with 46 points.
According to Priscilla, what triggered her tears was the fact they scored only 3 points in round two and it looked like they were out of the race.
“But our teacher kept spurring us on during the third round and we eventually came back and scored 26 points in that round to win the day,” she said.
Indeed, Priscilla’s dad admitted that after the second round, he almost gave up on his girls but he knew the sword drill could change the game for them and it did.
Afia, on the other hand, was confident that they would carry the day after they had taken a clear lead by the end of round two.
She was sad that ICGC beat them with just two points in spite of their strong showing in the first two rounds.
In the end, the two churches qualified, while Church of Pentecost Agyir Blankson Memorial Temple and The Lord’s Parliament Chapel could not make the cut.
But the competition did not go down without some drama.There were times when the ICGC girls opened and read verses within two seconds during the sword drill; they were that fast.
But the Transformation Power girls were the ones who brought the shock effect to the game when, on two occasions, they answered questions even before quiz master Kwamena Idan could finish asking them.
Meanwhile, kids from one church (name withheld) also tampered with their bibles in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the sword drill, but that was identified and rectified before they could even use it.
The third round of the quarter finals is scheduled for Sunday, February 17, 2019 and the contestants are Prayer Palace, Spintex, The Church of Pentecost (Nazareth Assembly),  Kotobabi, Arakan Methodist Presby Church, Burma Camp and Salvation Grace Chapel (Dominion Cathedral), Abokobi.