The Takoradi kidnapped girls

The Ghana Police Service is yet to furnish the Attorney General with a docket on new findings on the case involving the four girls who were kidnapped – and later declared dead – in Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western Region.

The Attorney General’s Department is therefore unable to go ahead with its desire to amend the charges against the two prime suspects – Samuel Udotek Wills and John Oji.

The case involving the two Nigerians accused of kidnapping four girls in Sekondi-Takoradi was adjourned at the last sitting because the Attorney General’s Department wanted to amend its charges against the two accused.

This was because of the emergence of new findings, which included the results of the DNA test on the discovered human remains and the arrest of John Oji.

However, when the case was called on Wednesday, December 11, state attorney Adelaide Kobiri-Woode told the Sekondi High Court presided over by Hannah Taylor that the AG’s Department has not received the docket on the new findings on the case from the Ghana Police Service.

She mentioned that a new test has been conducted recently on the case but failed to name which test it was.

The state attorney, therefore, pleaded for the case to be adjourned to enable the Attorney General get the complement of the new findings.

Presiding Judge Hannah Taylor, who appeared not pleased with the pace of the case, told the Attorney General to put its house in order for the case to move expeditiously.

Families of the four kidnapped girls who were all present in court expressed disappointment in the police and questioned their real commitment towards the case.

“I don’t understand what is going on because when we were here the other time, the case was adjourned to today. [Attorney General] were pleading that the court should grant them permission to go and conduct further investigations. And today they are saying another forensic test. I don’t know what they are all about,” said Alexander Koranchie, father of Priscilla Koranchie, one of the four girls.

He added: “I don’t even hear what they say in court because the speech is too low.”

Mr. Koranchie said he is not pleased with the pace of the court proceedings but “I leave everything in the hands of God”.

Sister to Ruthlove Quayson said she is alarmed that a new test has been conducted without their knowledge.

Nana Adjoa Quayson insisted the presentation of evidence by the Ghana Police Service makes them more confident that the girls are alive.

“I was not surprised when I heard a new test has been conducted because the first one, they never did anything. So, I’m not surprised they’ve come again turning things around. They know that the girls are there, they know. They will come back and tell us the girls are alive and that the test they did was wrong… So, one day they will come out.

“We are just looking up to God. One thing I know is that no one has ever called on God and has been put to shame. So definitely, the Lord will speak for us.”

The case has been adjourned to January 22, 2020.