The Akyem Swedru Circuit Court presided over by Mr. Alexander Oworae has sentenced a 22-year-old mother of two, Patience Gordor, to one-year imprisonment for stealing a two-week-old baby boy.

The convict was sentenced on her own plea but begged the judge to forgive her since she had realized her folly and would never commit such a serious crime again.

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The facts of the case as presented by the prosecutor, Inspector Fabian Sallah, was that the convict met the victim, 22-year-old Madam Grace Boadu at Akyem Oda sometime this year and admired her beauty and told her that she would arrange for a marriage between her and her brother to which Patience consented.

He said thereafter, Grace regularly collected money from Patience for her upkeep for eight months.


Patience, who did not know that Grace was pregnant, visited Grace in her house late last month and realized that she had given birth to a baby boy.

Patience was angry about Grace for deceiving her and therefore decided to punish her in retaliation.

One day Grace told Patience that her newly born baby boy had a problem with his scrotum and had been referred by a medical facility to the St. Dominic Hospital at Akwatia for specialist attention.

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Convict tricks victim

Patience gave Grace money to purchase pampers and other items from the Oda market before travelling to Akwatia with the baby, leaving the baby boy with her.

No sooner had Grace left for the market than Patience stole the baby and went into hiding at a secret destination.

Grace lodged a complaint with the Oda police who mounted an intensive search for her and upon a tip-off, managed to arrest her at her hideout at South Town, a suburb of Oda on October 1, 2018 while feeding the stolen baby.