Some contemporary Gospel musicians in Ghana have been criticised for not preaching salvation in their songs and Gospel musician Patience Nyarko sees everything wrong with that.
The Wafom Kwan hitmaker told Showbiz in an interview on Monday that Gospel ministry is like a pastoral work where there is an evangelist, a prophet, a teacher, pastor and an apostle doing different works but all geared towards winning souls for Christ.
“I find it very wrong when people say all Gospel musicians should preach about salvation. So after salvation, what next, must gospel musicians always continue hammering on one thing when they already know about it? We can all not preach about salvation in our songs, some of us must be different ” she said.
According to Patience Nyarko, her talent is to motivate and entertain Ghanaians through her music and not necessarily talk about the coming of Christ.
Known for songs Yefro No Jesus, Ye Twere Wo, Menwu, Wa Yeyie, Patience Nyarko disclosed to Showbiz she is coming out with her latest album in the next two months.
“My third album Wafom Kwan had huge response from Ghanaians and I know my new one is an improvement upon that thus it will be better”, she added.


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