National Executive Member of the National Fisheries Association of Ghana (NAFAG), Nana Joojo Solomon has accused politicians of collapsing their fishing business.

According to him, politicians have infiltrated the fishing industry making it easy for fishermen who use unorthodox means of fishing to go unpunished.

He said most of the fishermen who are caught using lights and unapproved nets go unpunished, a situation he describes as very worrying.

He indicated that their authority as chief fishermen in the area has been blunted because politicians are intervening on behalf of persons who break the law. 

“They (politicians) know how to attack us when we voice out. Please leave us alone so we can determine how to sanction them without any authority from the higher circles. Until sanity prevails there is no way we are moving forward.” he added.

The executive member added that the situation is encouraging more fishermen to flout the law hence the gradual collapse of the fishing industry.

Nana Joojo Solomon therefore called on the government to invest in research that will aid and secure the fishing industry for a better future. 

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