Nana Akua Amoah has a lot more to say about gospel musician Eugene Zutah’s wife, Awo Zuta concerning pastor Josh Laryea’s issue.
The musician in a Facebook post on Saturday afternoon made several allegations against Awo Zutah. Enjoy what she wrote below:

“I can’t believe that you, Mrs Awo Zuta and your disciples started this whole rumor about Pastor Josh Laryea being involved in an immoral act for him to loose his ministry…

3years ago you couldn’t stop talking about how good it feels when he hugs or touches you and how you would prefer him as a husband over Eugene Zuta. When i got fed up and told your husband about it, you both ganged up against me and consequently forced me to quit the church.

Awo Zuta, was Pastor Josh’s office not your favorite hangout when you were supposed to be at work?! Awo gagaoga, Awo lesbian what went wrong? I still have the naked pictures you made me take of you, thinking i was also a lesbian but don’t worry i will not go that low to post them anywhere… Awo Zuta, are u happy now? You created a beautiful monster out of me so be prepared to deal with it because I’m not done yet!

And to all of you members of ICGC Doxa Temple who thought i was the devil sent from hell to destroy your church, now you know Awo and her gang are the devils so abeg bring me my ROCK!

Oh Pastor Josh, my disappointment is how you did nothing but watched me leave even though you told me that i did nothing wrong and confirmed your awareness of how Awo was spreading rumours to tarnish the image of her own husband. It serves you right! I want all my tithe back!”