Stephanie Benson

Worldwide, tattoos have become trendy with many individuals, celebrities and regular people inking their bodies for fashion, love and many other reasons.

UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer, Stephanie Benson who has a ‘peculiar’ tattoo from afar has described and explained why she got her tatoo.

According to her, she got the chance to play Josephine Baker, the first black female stripper in a theatre and the role involved her going stark naked on stage.

“This was after I had my kids and there were some stretch marks below my belly button”, she told DJ Advicer, host of Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive.

To avoid being self conscious and distracted from her role, she decided to get the tattoo to cover her stretch marks. “That is why I did it”.

The overtly sexual artiste revealed that because of her personality, some people think her tattoo is the male sexual organ.

“My tattoo is actually a microphone and not what most people think”.

The musician however indicated that she has never cared about what people thought and will always be true to herself.