Board Chairman for the Youth Employment Authority and National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party Sammy Awuku is urging teenagers and the youth to stay away from drug addiction, occultism, amorous practices and other social vices.
He says if the youth of today seek to become responsible future leaders of the country, it will require that, they stay away from all forms of social vices that will lead them into destruction.
“Peer pressure has become a major obstacle between some people and their destiny. When people are misbehaving on our campuses, note that, at the end of the day it is an individual affair.  Stay away from drug abuse. Today people think that, it is part of normal life to smoke and drink and for the boys, they think it is a lifestyle to chase girls on campus” Sammy
Addressing the 20th anniversary celebration of the Teenage Bible Club in Koforidua under the Theme: “Grooming the Adolescents for Excellence” the international youth icon urged the Ghanaian youth not to follow the wind blindly and succumb to peer pressure.
Sammy Awuku said, he grew up in a community in Koforidua notoriously noted for all the social vices but as determined as he were, and the fear of the lord in him, he didn’t join bad company so every young person who so wish to excel in future can do so if he shun bad company and peer pressure.
“To whom much is given much is expected. We didn’t have free education in our time but you have it now, stay away from things that will lead you to destruction, focus on your books and excel for us” Awuku tells teenagers
He mentioned that, Ghana is fortunate to have a president who honors his promise.
According to Sammy, the president bold decision in implementing the free SHS, reduction of police recruitment forms and other Service/Force recruitment forms among other intervention is a testimony of President AkufuAddo’s respect for Ghanaians and dedication in making the country a better place to be.
I am excited that, we have a president who is a living testimony of keeping his promise. When we were campaigning last year, the police forms were selling for Ghc 100.00. I asked the candidate then Akufu Addo, can you promise the youth that, when we win power, police forms wouldn’t be sold for more than GHC 50.00?  He responded in the affirmative, today he has directed that, police forms should be sold at GHC 50.00.” Sammy disclosed
Deputy Minister of education, Barbra Asha on her part called on schools to imbibe the values of moral and ethical living in grooming adolescents for excellence.
She asked society to accept that, the guarantee of the nation’s future to prosperity is premised on the sort of training and guidance that is given to the children of today.
Barbra Asha assured stakeholders of the ministry of education readiness to open up for discussion with interested bodies on how to inspire excellence in all spheres in the youth.
The Teenage Bible Club was established in Koforidua 20 years ago with the mission to implement programs that will provide relevant environment for the general empowerment of all Teenagers, facilitating equitable access to opportunities that will ensure the fulfillment of their full potential while helping them to escape the evil influence and pitfalls of life.
The group have chapters in most senior high schools in the eastern region with the vision to prepare the teenagers morally, socially and spiritually to face the challenges confronting them and to train the teenager on any future leadership role they may be cited.