Stanislav Xoexe Dogbe, the trusted aide of the former president John Mahama, together with former minister of Communications, Dr. Edward Kofi Omane Boamah, have been heavily criticized in the report of the Professor Kwesi Botchwey Committee that investigated why the National Democratic Congress (NDC) embarrassingly lost the December 7, 2016 general elections.

According to the report, apart from the former president, who was described as living a life of a movie star’ in the run-up to the crucial general elections, the two aides should also take a portion of the blame for the NDC’s unprecedented defeat.

Between Pages 26 and 27 of the 65 page Executive summary of the 455-page report which the NDC has kept like a state secret, it recounted how the behavior of Stan Dogbe, in particular caused the then ruling party’s massive defeat.

Mahama Naked

According to the report, “Dr. Omane Boamah and Stan Dogbe were the president’s undoing. The president was virtually naked with the two around him.”

Apparently referring to the NDC’s much hyped garnering of one million votes from the Ashanti Region during the electioneering campaign last year – which never materialized – the report indicated that the votes could have been garnered from elsewhere, had it not been for the fanfare and road show like campaign.

“Doing away with Stan Dogbe and Omane Boamah could have earned the president one million votes so he didn’t have to look to the Ashanti Region for the one million votes,” the supposedly confidential report – a copy of which is in possession of Daily Guide- said.

“Omane Boamah and Stan Dogbe convinced the president that he is more popular than the NDC ticket,” the report stated, adding “That the two were also the shadow actors of the government.

“The president’s inner circles were so intolerant that when you criticized the president, you are condemned.”