“The truth hurts but that should not be the reason to stay silent. Fire for Fire will always stand for the truth and say things just as they are. I fear no evil and will always speak my mind and look to God for direction and not man,” he said.

Very few presenters take on sports authorities with the fervor that Songo runs his show which is simulcast on Adom TV and Asempa FM. The intensity and passion that drive the ‘Fire Man’ on air as he takes on the establishment has made him a pain in the neck of sports authorities, but has also endeared him to a loyal audience who recently voted him as TV Personality of the Year.

Grabbing the topmost prize from a strong field of radio and TV personalities was the ultimate endorsement of Songo’s growing stature in the broadcast industry, particularly after scooping TV Sports Show Host of the Year, while the popular Fire for Fire show was adjudged TV Sports Programme of the Year.

He told Showbiz that he has rather been emboldened by both criticism and the endorsements received to maintain the heat (Ogya, as he often screams on air) on the sports authorities, as he sees last Saturday’s RTP awards as a validation of his good work so far.

The man who starred in the music video of Shatta Wale’s hit song ‘Kakai’ maintained that he was not worried by comments from detractors who claimed he was not deserving of the honors at the RTP Awards. He said he was more motivated than ever before to speak against corruption and bad governance in sports.

“In life not everyone will love you; there are always those you will oppose you no matter what you do. Fire for Fire stands for the truth and we will continue to do what we do,” he told Showbiz.

“I will maintain my professionalism and keep my hope on God. There is a purpose why God put me on earth and I will accomplish it. When God says you’re already a champion, there is nothing anyone can do and we will continue doing our best to move Ghana sports forward,” he said.

In fact, last Saturday he joined Shatta Wale on stage as the Dancehall King performed ‘Kakai to the delight of the audience who filled the auditorium at the Accra International Conference Center.

He believes his radical approach has served society well by emboldening the youth to demand more accountability in Ghana sports.

“Gradually we are getting results and Ghanaian’s are demanding accountability for how their taxes are used especially when it comes to the national sports teams.”